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24-27. Dezember 2010 - Christmas time


28.November 2010 - Derby, Budapest

2-day international dog show in the second day of a Serbian judge criticized the goldens, a new consciousness with me the things our dogs. For example, I learned that Admiral "short of the upper arm", Milla has "a little soft in the upline"and the 5-year champion bitch "is loose in the elbow". "What luck that this Dusan Paunovic noticed!


Mirál Milla Ofra

27.11.2010 - Grand Prix, Budapest

2 days international dogshow first day Milla in intermediate class CAC! Ofra in champion class Res.CAC. Admirális also in intermediate class correkt judging very good. Judge says his body is immature. He must more time for his body. Full particulars for dogs, the show menu.   

Mirál Ofra Milla

06-07.11.2010 - Balatonfüred


   10.29-11.03.2010 -  Hajdúszoboszló, Autumcamp and Pheasanthunting

We were in a new campplace, in a very good weather with my 3 dogs 4 days. The 5. day I went with Ofra to the pheasanthunting. The youngth were good in the work, we trained with duck because we are going to make an Hunting exam. Ofra was agile and motivated. Huntingrecord was: 35 pheasant. Ofra brought 4 pheasant and 2 more came up. 

Dr. Ofra, a f?vadász Mirál Milla  

24.10.2010 - Dunaújváros CAC

On Sunday we were in Dunaújváros a dogshow. Admirális in junior class HPJ, than Best Junior, and Milla in intermediate class Res.CAC. After I entered for couple-paar,  where a populous field - out of 12 couple paar - we advenced quintuplet.

Mirál Milla Vodka

 18.10.2010 - OFRA 5 years old !!!

Today is Ofra fifth birtday! Happy birtday for her! We wish to her more happy years! She got a wellnes day for her birtday: she took the hidrotherapie treatment, massage and magnet treatment!

Ofi a hidroterápián Ofi a hidroterápiánOfi masszázson

17.10.2010 - Komárom CACIB

The CACIB show second day all dogs are excellent 3., Mirál in junior, Milla intermediate, Ofra working class. The judge was the famous Bobtail breender Davor Javor (CRO). I was so happy, because my own breending dog, Hanna's Golden Princess Absolut odka, in him first show intermediate class Res.CAC !! Congratulation him and his owner! More picture soon!

Mirál Milla 

 16.10.2010 -  Komárom CACIB

Two days CACIB show in first day Admirális junior class excellent 2., Milla intermediat class Res.CAC, Ofra working class CAC. In the CACIB comparison the judge recalled Milla also, that our two dogs were in the ring together.Thank you for Németh Adriána for the fast handling.

Mirál Milla Ofra

12.10.2010 Sashalom - agilitypark

Ofra a rámpán

 10.02-03.2010 - Slovenian Clubshow (Pragersko) and Celje European DogShow

We went 3 days to Slovenia, where was 2 dogshow. Am Saturday we were in Slovenian clubshow and Sunday European Dogshow. That was very detailed, but productive.

European Dogshow Celje-Slovenia

Together in 3 ring went with a swing the goldens judging. Of course also piled up the 2 dogs showing. Just I decided, that Ofra goes with profi handler and I taked away with Milla.

On the European Show HJCH Hanna's Golden Princess Agile Amelie "Milla" became junior classe in a very populous field - for 26 bitches - Res. Junior European Winner. The judge hezitateted for a long time either of Milla and the other bitch.  Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo (E) 

Hanna's Golden Princess Admiral  Hanna's golden Princess Agile Amelie  HCH HGRCH Gáláns Ofra

HCH HGRCH Gáláns Ofra was in champion class. For 12 bitch she is excellent 5. Thank you very much Adrianna Németh for the handling. Judge:  Ole Staunskjaer (DK)

 In junior class dog were 23 junior dog with Admiralis, where he became very goodd. Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo (E)

   Slovenian Clubshow Pragersko-Slovenia

Am Saturday in 2 ring judging two several judge, for the dogs Jim Richardson (GB), bitches Sverre Sand (DK). Viktória Szell went handling Admiralis. She is 14 years old, but very able. Junior dogs were 13 and Admiralis got a very good.

HCH Hanna's Golden Princess Agile Amelie "Milla" in junior class  for 11 junior bitches became excellent 3.  

HCH HGRCH Gáláns Ofra in champion class, excellent 5. out of 8 champion bitches.

After in the Best in Show we were in the couple paar with Ofra-Milla. And we were am besten couple paar 2010. Slovenian Clubshow

 HCH HGRCH Gáláns Ofra és HJCH Hanna's Golden Princess Agile Amelie - mother and dougther!

Hanna's Golden Princess Admiral HJCH Hanna's Golden Princess Agile Amelie HCH HGRCH Gáláns Ofra

25.09.2010 - IHA Bundessieger Tulln

My life and  our dogs life also first foreign dogshow in Austria, Tulln. I was  in a fever and waiting for this day. In this show were 89 golden retriever, 40 dogs (judge Towers Sue  (GB)) and 49 bitches (judge: Anne Woodcock (GB).  

Csoportkép (Mirál, Ofra, Sando, Milla)

Youngs played in intermediat class, Ofra champion class. Unfortunatelly the intermediat class simultaneously judging, than I taked Admiralis and Milla taked  Gecsei Gabi in a debut ring. Thank you Gabi! I was nervous and Admiralis also, he became excellent.

Admirális critique: Good pigment, nice bone & feet, would prefer more layback of shoulder, rear movement a bit loose, front movement good & true.

 Milla in 16 months in intermediat class will  RES. CACA!

 Milla critique: Lovely type of bitch, well presented in good coat, presents a balanced outline when standing, super level topline and correct tail set, body proportions just right for her age, moved very well.

 Csoportkép (Mirál, Ofra, Sando, Milla)

 Ofra in champion class excellent 3. Critique: Lovely well chisled head, with kind eye and typical expression, level topline and correct tailset, clean neck, would prefer more lenght in angle and upper arm, moved steadily.

 In the champion dogs was Sando, he became excellent 3 for 7 champion dogs. Sando was very beautifull, lovely moved, but the judge prefer dark gold, smaller dogs. 

 11-12.2010 Sarlóspuszta-Tatárszentgyörgy

Agile Amelie "Milla" pass a succesfull Ability exam and got breendable class.

Pleasant weekend were with Milla and Admiral. On Saturday was a Special Show for Hungária Retriever Klub (www.retrieverklub.hu). Next day was an Ability and Temperament Test. In the show only golden retrievers was ycleped, Judge was Dr.Szilágyi Judit. Admirális in junior class for 5 dogs excellent 2. Milla in intermediat class for 7 bitches excellent 3. After in couple-class Admiral and Milla became: the most beautifull Couple-paar.

Mirál  Milla  Együtt

Admiral during the game: bumper boy www.bumperboy.com/index.php. He complette the task 19 sec! and he is enjoy very much!

Mirál a pályán  Mirál a pályán  Mirál a pályán

12.09.2010. Ability exam, for 19 dogs 13 pass an succesfull exam, one of them my Milla also, where I am proud of her. She got 90/100 point. Judge were: Erd?s László and Király Olivér.

Picture soon!!!


Our dogs were in a cosmetics. Here the pictures:

VodkaAbszolut Vodka  BrúnóAdventurer, azaz Brúnó  GoldiGoldi, a 10 éves pótmama


Today I came to hand Ofra's Hungária Grand Champion Certificate, that Ofra formally from this time forth 

HCH, HGRCH Gáláns Ofra.   HGRCH Bizonyítvány

27-28.08.2010- Debrecen CACIB

Alaska pleaded our kennel the 2 days of Debrecen CACIB show. He is 15 Month old, so in junior class. The first day he got  HPJ, Best Junior title and the second day now excellent 2. Give you joy of it!

 Alaska  Alaska  Alaska

07.08.2010 - Litter meeting in Balatonfüred


Left to right: Vodka, Ofra, Mirál, Milla, Alaska's owner (without dog with baby), Brúnó, Goldi, Bonifác

Vodka Vodka  Brúnó Brúnó

07.24.-08-01-2010 - Summer camp - Debrecen

I went with 2 for our dogs: Ofra and Mirál, and with my christdaughter.  Alaska also took the training and at the end of camp he and Admirális too pass an succesfull Ability exam and got breendable class.

                Admirális  Csoportkép  Ofra, Mirál

24.07.2010 Debrecen night CAC show

Ofra  Ofra Ofra

Miral  Alaska

Junior class Mirál excellent 2., Alaska excellent 3. from 5 dogs.  Champion class Ofra excellent 1. CAC and  Best Of Breed!

Than Ofra became Hungária Grand Champion! From VIII. Group in the rain Jugde Korózs András gave Res BOG. 


Today I came to hand Milla's Hungária Junior Champion Certificate, that Milla formally from this time forth 

HJCH Hanna's Golden Princess Agile Amelie.  HJCH Bizonyítvány


Today I came to hand dysplasia records for yougths. Fortunately both dogs elbow and hip dyisplasia issue  by Magyar Kisállat Ortopédiai Egyesület gave medical evidence :

 FREE classification!

Mirál könyök ED tanusítvány   Mirál csíp? tanusítvány Millal könyök ED tanusítvány   Milla csíp? tanusítvány

  08-11.07.2010 - Salföld

Again we went to the Balaton, to Salföld, where they can on the white sand run, then they went to the mere to swimm.

Miral    Milla  Ofra

09.07.2010 - Milla became an elder girl! 

 04.07.2010- Mátrafüred, Sástó

My near relation live in Mátra. Here is lokated Sástó, highest lain tarn in Hungary, where our dogs are swimming to ducks.  


 23-27.06.2010- Balatonfüred

 We went with our dogs to the Balaton and organized sportsdays to them. Morning we bike cycle and dogs are running. After they swimming. Some relax and come after forest training. Evening we went to Karolina where they rest for a short spell.



19.06.2010 - OMSE CAC


 Milla became to HPJ, Best Junior, BOB and BOG! Ofra CAC, and in dogpaar 3. for 7 paar! Admirális today wasn't here, he is in Balaton. Milla for today became Hungária Junior Champion!

Ofra, Milla

 12-13.06.2010 - Pécs 2*CACIB


  Am 12 Juni the Judge was Maria Del Carmen Gil Pozo (E) , Admirális excellent 2, Milla excellent 3.(from 7), Ofika excellent 1., CAC  

      Miral   Milla   Ofra

Am 13 Juni the judge was Barbara Müller (CH), Admirális very good, Milla excellent 1.(from 5), HPJ, Best Junior, Ofika excellent 2.,Res. CAC

After show we went to Orf?, where they are swimming. With us commes Évi (her bitches Szamó and Gini) and Adri with Pheobe also.


06.06.2010 - Székesfehérvár CAC Show

      Miral   Milla   Ofi

 Admirális excellent 3., Milla excellent 4., Ofika excellent 1.,CAC and for the BOB in 3, for 27 golden.

30.05.2010 - Nagyvázsony CAC Show

Admirális: HPJ,  Milla: HPJ, Best Junior, BOB, BOG 3. Ofra: excellent 3. in a Champion class.


Miral  Milla  Ofra    

Handler for the BOB and in a Junior BIS ring: Németh Adriána. Thank you!


 1 year old the babies! Very happy birthday for the 8 junior  and of course for Ofra mama!

22-24.05.2010 - Komárom 2*CACIB + Club Show

Each day Admiralis excellent 3., Milla excellent and in the Club show Excellent 2. for 14 bitches and Ofra excellent 3. in Champion ring.

 Kutyapár 1. hely

Miral  Milla  Ofra    

Ofika      Kutyáim


 Rose Rose  

24-26.04.2010 - Balaton

Miral  Harc  Milla

 18.04.2010 - Kalocsa CAC

Handling: Ági and Ancsa Takács.

Miral  Milla  Ofra   

  Milla, Mirál    

 04-11.04.2010 - Debrecen retriever-dogs camp

I was in Debrecen retriever camp also 3 dogs. The 10 months youths were very perfect and handy. There was Alaska too, he made full well the exercise.

Ofra, Milla, Mirál, Alaska 


04.04.2010 - Miskolc CACIB

The first junior classe from our dogs, thei are 10 month. Mirál excellent 4. from 6 dogs. Milla excellent 6. from 9 bitchies. Ofra also Res.CAC. Handling:Mirál - Takács Ági, Milla - Takács Ancsa. Thank you.

Miral  Milla  Ofra  

Miral  Milla  Ofra

13.03.2010 - Hajógyári-island

Am Saturday we went litter meeting to the Hajógyári-island. At last I saw again Vito and Balu, there were of the same form so puppies, now 9,5 month.

Vito Csoportkép; Vito, Ofra, Mirál, Milla, Balu (balról-jobbra) Balu

Admirális  Milla  Ofra

 06.03.2010  - We exercise a little ringdressur with Ancsa and Ági

Ofra Milla Mirál

20.02.2010 - Syma hall, Champion of Champions & Puppy Show

 Judge: Dr.Váczi-Balogh Zsuzsa. Admirális very promissing 2., Ofra excellent 2. and Milla very promissing 1. She got into PUPPY BEST IN SHOW in the best 10 ( for 99 puppies) ! Handler: Ancsa Takács , thank you for her.

Miral  Milla, Kölyök BIS-ben  Ofra  

Miral        Milla       Ofra


   Balatonon Am Balaton ice

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